The Threats of addiction in our future

The Threat Of Addiction In Our Future

How Addiction Is Threatening Our Future


The dramatic increase in America’s opioid addiction is indicative of a swarming epidemic. Not only is it shocking, but it is deadly for the current and the future generation to come.


The drug overdose epidemic has been termed as the deadliest crisis in the history of America. It’s been recorded that in 2016 alone, death by drug overdoses occurred at an alarming rate, whereby more than 170 people died from it on daily basis.


On a yearly scale, drug overdose has killed more Americans than the Vietnam War. In fact, this crisis has taken more lives alone than the number of lives claimed by car crashes and gun violence. It surpasses even the total number of deaths caused by HIV/AIDS every year.


We as a community must raise awareness to not just the challenge the epidemic but also to increase awareness as to how addicts can develop enough conviction to overcome their addiction.


According to a forecast by STAT News, it was concluded that over the span of ten years about 650,000 are expected to die from opioid overdoses — if drastic changes to the increasing stats don’t make a turn.


The estimated number is so vast that it can account for the entire population of Baltimore. In other words, we’re set to lose a number of people that is the equivalent of a whole American city.


When we analyze this problem, we see that on the one hand, we have a vast number of addicts who need to be rescued before they fall off the deep end, and on the other hand, we have future generations that we must prevent from becoming potential addicts.


In order to the treat the latter, we must treat the former. We need the addicted lot to seek treatment and these methods should be made available to them vigorously.


Can Drug Addiction Be Treated?


The first question that comes to the minds of many is “can addiction be treated?” Yes, it certainly can. But it is not a simple process, and in order to understand the complexity of the treatment, we must understand the nature of addiction.


Addiction is a chronic disease that requires a ongoing treatment, as well as a healthy dose of commitment. Addicts cannot simply quit taking drugs and be cured. They need to invest long-term into abstaining from drugs so that they can recover from this abuse. With that said, even then the possibility of relapse remains high.


How Should Drug Addiction Be Treated?


The most obvious principles to adopt in order to build ourselves a cure is to stop using drugs and to dedicate ourselves to staying drug-free as much as possible. This is only possible when the mind is distracted and occupied with activities that are healthy and productive, such as staying involved with the family and work. We can also be more active in contributing to society in general and build niches for ourselves.


What Are Specific Treatments for Drug Addiction?


Although, there are a number of treatments that have been successful in treating drug addiction, the primary element that forms the foundation of these treatments is commitment.


Once we’ve built enough commitment to effect a change in our addiction and ultimately find control over it, we can explore the following methods to pursue long-term treatment (also note that each person reacts differently to treatments and may be more responsive to some methods than the others):


– Behavioral counseling

– Medical devices employed to overcome withdrawal symptoms

– Skills training

– Proper evaluation and treatment for any mental health issues such as depression and anxiety

– Follow-up on a long-term basis to prevent relapsing

– Getting help from reputable organizations

– Rehabilitation

– Treatment centers


Those of us who are well aware of our symptoms and “triggers” can also seek a tailored treatment program that is specifically designed to address those. Treatments are best when they include a variety of methods or factors, such as community or family-based recovery support systems.


Advice for Those Seeking Help


For people seeking help, it is best if they can refer to professionals they can trust for advice. These are some steps suggested by experts that people-in-need can make use of:


– Get referrals from our doctors know your medical history.

– Explore information on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services  

– Seek treatment in your home community to ensure the commute doesn’t deter you from resuming our treatment, even during post-treatment. This would help prevent any relapses.

– Seek programs accredited by reputable organizations.

– Ask questions, speak to people and interact as much as possible. Gain motivation from everywhere around you.


The Power Of Nature and DMT

For those of us who actually stop and smell the roses, nature is an incredible thing.

The variety of life that surrounds us on this rock hurtling through space is nothing

less than extraordinary. Many of us have experimented with nature’s little teachers

the magic mushroom. Well, nature has a more powerful compound that makes

mushrooms seem mild in comparison. That compound is DMT or N, N-

Dimethyltryptamine also known as The Spirit Molecule. In nature DMT is found in

just about everything you can think of. Mostly in super small amounts but the

substance is present. In fact, Terence McKenna stated every human walking the

planet is in possession of DMT.

DMT structure
Structure of the N,N-Dimethyltryptamine molecule.

Take A Little Trip To The DMT Realm


Many people use psychedelics to explore the mind and gain a different perspective

on life. For some it can be very introspective to learn about the self. But most of the

psychedelics people use today are rather long lasting. With mushrooms lasting

around 6 hours and a typical LSD trip lasting up to 12 hours. DMT can be a long

journey or a short trip depending on the method used to consume  the substance.

We will get to that in a minute.



Most of the psychedelics mentioned here are a type of tryptaine that works well

in our systems. For example, the active compound in mushrooms Psilocybin is 4

-PO-DMT. That is converted in the body to Psilocin or 4-HO-DMT. There are many

more analogues of DMT all of which have similar yet different effects. No matter

how you look at these compounds, good or bad, they do command respect. There

are other compounds different than DMT but we will save those for another time.


There are ways to extract DMT from a number of substances readily available

around the world. For safety and legal reasons details on the extraction process

will not be shared here at this time. Those who have experienced DMT say it is

incredible. Super strong visuals with geometric shapes engulfing reality. Some

have gone as far as saying that they met with other worldly entities as if being

pulled into another dimension of reality. The experience is strong enough for

some to quit daily habits such as smoking or even heroin use after one strong

DMT trip. More research should be done with this no question about it. Especially

since the compound has been shown to be safe physically.


To Indulge Or Not


Consumption of DTM happens in a few different ways. Oral ingestion,

vaporization, and intravenous injection are the most common ways of using DMT.

I would rather not discuss the intravenous use of anything outside of a hospital.

We will focus on the first two. When DTM is vaporized it produces a strong

psychedelic effect blasting the user off in a matter of seconds. One hit gets the

journey started with the next one or two hits blasting you off into another world.

Word on the street is 3 is the magic number for most. The journey only lasts

about 10 to 20 minutes when vaporized but the effects are intense. Commonly

known as the “Businessman’s Trip” because of the short duration and lack of a

comedown as with other hard drugs. Oral ingestion of DMT is quite a bit different.


In the rainforests of South America the shamans have been using DMT for

thousands of years in the form of Ayahuasca. To be orally active DMT requires an

MAOI to be mixed along in a brew. Without the MAOI orally DMT is not active and

would produce an upset stomach at best if ingested. Once the DMT and MAOI

brew is made the Ayahuasca journey can begin. In this form the trip is much

longer than vaporizing and lasting 12 hours or more depending on the

brewmaster. Although said to be not as intense visually for some, the longer

duration can be much more introspective. So much so that people often take

international trips and seek out shamans in the jungle to partake in Ayahuasca



Alex Grey art
Alex Grey is well known for his DMT inspired artwork.

The Ego


Many people often speak of breakthroughs and ego death when talking about

psychedelics. People have reported these events with the use of mushrooms and

LSD. But these events occurred with high doses of these substances which is more

than enough to get the desired effects. However, the same events have been

reported with much lower doses of DMT especially when vaporized. Not that

everyone is ready for such an event to occur. But there are those among us

known as psychonauts that actively seek the deep introspection. The process of

self examination from a different state of mind often leads to resolution of one’s

own issues. An enlightenment of one’s self if you will. If used properly

psychedelics can help someone to improve from the inside out rather than the

other way around. Mushrooms alone have been known to relieve depression in

low doses. It seems a safe natural alternative to the chemicals being forced on

society which we know nothing about the long term effects of.


The Future Is Now


With legal cannabis for recreational and medical use sweeping the country there

has been talk of a few states wanting to do studies on mushrooms. Both civilians

and veterans alike have benefited from legal cannabis. Ailments such as pain,

PTSD, nausea, and loss of appetite being only a few of the things cannabis has

helped. Many psychedelics have the same potential to help people. Things like

trauma and addiction have potential to be helped by psychedelics. More research

is needed and some states are stepping up. With my home state of Louisiana

being one of the latest to make medical cannabis legal, albeit in a limited form, it

is only a matter of time before more states follow. And not long after those states

will look to mushrooms and Ayahuasca and more as medicines just as our

ancestors have for thousands of years. This is especially more so as we get more

and more younger more open minded people into office. Why destroy our bodies

with man made compounds that harm our liver and kidneys when we have

natural substances that work better and are less harmful?



Don’t Be Surprised!


No matter where you stand on the subject of psychedelics this is certainly a topic

to pay attention to. Just as all the people you least expected were found in the

cannabis shop purchasing an eighth and some rosin to dab, we will see people

coming out in favor of psychedelics. Half the people reading this most likely read

it because it reminded them of their last trip in the 70s or 80s. It is ok to

reminisce. DMT is a powerful substance that should be respected and handled

with care. As is the case with all psychedelics and other substances. However, this

is a substance that has serious potential to change the world in a good way. To

experience something so profound is extremely humbling for almost everyone.

While the states start to do research on mushrooms and other psychedelics, do

your own research. There is much information out there on DMT and all the

variations it can be found in.

medical use of cannabis

The Hope of Dope?

Medical cannabis research and legalization is on the rise along with recreational use around the world. Many states here in America have either legalized medical use or it is a hot topic on many ballots. Society is opening its eyes on a healthy alternative to many medications that are just as harmful or dangerous as the cancer or tumor they are intended to treat.  With the explosion of drug use and addiction in the US – some are still worried about the effects of legalized cannabis.  Many are worried that marijuana use in kids can evolve into long term drug use and abuse of common drugs that kids abuse such as huffing or other drugs such as flakka.

Health Benefits

Health conscious people are seeking out more natural alternatives to pharmaceuticals. With research on cannabis showing positive results for treating many illnesses or conditions from arthritis to the Zika virus, the negative stigma surrounding cannabis is slowly disappearing. As people continue to accept cannabis more funding becomes available and more research is done on the medicinal properties of the plant.

With around 29 states with some form of medical cannabis program, patients who need a safer alternative have the ability to access medicine. Some of the conditions where cannabis has been shown to be effective are cancers, seizures, nausea, appetite loss, headaches, anxiety, and pain relief. Studies from the National Cancer Institute and other reputable research centers have shown that certain cannabinoids found in cannabis have the ability to slow, stop, or kill growing cancer cells.

Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Policy

Louisiana recently updated its medical marijuana policy which previously only allowed LSU Agricultural Center to cultivate and research cannabis. Although there has been some form of medical marijuana program in the state since the late 1970s, there were no places to access medical cannabis, nor were there any doctors that would actually recommend cannabis for medical purposes. The state will now allow LSU and Southern University to cultivate cannabis and produce medical products in the form of oils, topical applications, and pills to name a few. However, like a few other states, any form of cannabis that can be smoked will be against policy. LSU Agricultural Center and The LSU Board of Supervisors have selected GB Sciences of Las Vegas to be the producer of high grade cannabis. Southern University has not yet selected a producer at this time.

Widely Used Already

There is a good chance that many of us know someone is either already a medical marijuana patient or someone that would benefit from it. In any case, cannabis for medicinal or recreational use is a much safer alternative for better overall health. Only in recent decades have we started to do scientific research on the cannabis plant. Truth be told, humans have been doing research and testing on cannabis for thousands of years. Even ancient man discovered the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant.

Other Uses

Medical uses aside, cannabis and/or hemp has hundreds of uses and can be made into many different products including edibles. The entire plant from top to bottom can be utilized for its fibers, oils, cannabinoids, and flowers. Fuels, foods, clothes, industrial applications, and housing are few simple things cannabis can be made into. And growing cannabis or hemp does less damage to the soil than traditional crops like corn or wheat. The time of the stereotypical “stoner” is a thing of the past. Now is the time of the successful entrepreneur who enjoys cannabis and the toking grandmother using cannabis to ease her pains from arthritis. People are realizing that pot can help some and others can enjoy recreational use of marijuana while being successful in many aspects of life.

Edible Marijuana

Edible Marijuana Gains in Popularity

Edible Marijuana

We know it by many names throughout history; Ganja, Mota, Herb, Maryjane, Giggle Bush, and so many more. No matter what you like to call it, marijuana is making a comeback. Legal for millennia around the world, it was the backbone of this country and a main crop for our founding fathers. Many cultures consume cannabis for religious and spiritual reasons and are allowed to do so by one government or another. Most people that know anything about cannabis have seen it as something you primarily smoke. However, there are other ways to indulge in the giggle bush. One of the more popular methods of cannabis consumption is to eat it.

The Difference Between Eating and Smoking Marijuana

Eating marijuana is completely different that smoking the dried flowers. With smoking, the THC-A is converted to THC by the heat where it is then passed from the lungs to the bloodstream. The consumer can mostly regulate how much they partake in due to the quick response from the body. There is a whole different process that happens when you eat marijuana. Now the first thing to know and remember is that you do not want to just start shoveling cannabis flowers into your mouth and swallow. There is a process that is required to get the most bang out of your product.

The Process

The first thing to do when planning to consume edible cannabis is a process called decarboxylation. This is where we will use heat to turn all the inactive THC-A in the cannabis to THC in its active form. To do this is a simple matter of baking the cannabis in the oven at a low temp of around 225* for about 30 minutes or so. After decarboxylation the cannabis is ready to be baked into some brownies as is, or an extract can be made from the flower which can then be used for cooking anything.

How To Decarboxylate Marijuana


The Effects of Edible Marijuana

Consuming the edibles is a whole different ballgame than smoking cannabis. The effects are somewhat more intense and produce a much stronger body high. It is often said that consuming edible cannabis is closer to a psychedelic experience with strong euphoric feelings. This is due to the fact that when consumed in edibles THC is transformed in the liver into 11-Hydroxy-THC which is slightly more potent in its effects. Due to the liver processing the THC the effects of cannabis when consumed orally take a while to take effect. While smoking produces virtually instant effects, edibles can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to kick in.

Edible marijuana products are a completely different high but still produce the relief from pain, inflammation, and headache that many people need. Since the effects are much different than that of smoking it is recommended that even a veteran smoker should take it easy with the edibles. Start off with a small dose and give it a while to kick in. If needed consume a small amount more after an hour or two. However you decide to enjoy a cannabis edible, do so in a safe environment.

Psychedelics make a comeback

The Psychedelic Comeback

Not everyone got to experience it but, we all know about it in some form. From the music that seems to come from another dimension, to the art that represents a different state of consciousness. We are talking about the psychedelic revolution of the 1960s, and it is making a comeback. The magical substances such as mushrooms, LSD, and Mescaline were being consumed all over the world. People not only wanted to enter into an alternate state of consciousness, they needed it.

Today’s Psychedelics

Anyone with experience with some form of psychedelic or another will tell you that they allow you to expand your mind. Many people will ask what does this mean. We all have a certain thought process we go through daily when presented with tasks and situations. The way we evaluate people, things, and situations is our thought process. Psychedelics open the mind and allow the user to evaluate things from a whole new perspective. Under the right conditions many people report lasting effects of elevated mood for days or weeks after a mild dose of a psychedelic like psilocybin mushrooms. Studies have shown that people were able to quit smoking tobacco or using harder drugs like heroin after a profound psychedelic trip.  Very seldom does someone require drug rehab for the use of psychedelics.

Are Psychedelics Safe?

Although, there is still a stigma associated with psychedelics where some people that don’t fully understand them reject them. Psychedelics are fairly safe when compared to many other substances in use today. For example mushrooms have an LD50 of approximately 285mg/Kg meaning that a 180lb adult would have to consume nearly 50lbs of psilocybin alone to come close to death. The substance is not in question in most cases. There are situations where people can get sick with mushrooms. The illness is most often associated with the misidentification of the mushrooms in the wild. There are plenty of toxic mushrooms that grow next to the edible and magic mushrooms. Picking and consuming the wrong mushroom can lead to a slow and painful death. Picking wild mushrooms can be extremely dangerous and should only be done by those with the knowledge and experience to identify both toxic and non-toxic mushrooms.

Micro Dosing

There have been studies that show micro dosing with psychedelics can counter the effects of depression and anxiety in some patients. More studies are in progress to identify the benefits of medicinal use of psychedelics. This research has the potential to provide many people suffering from mental disorders, PTSD, anxiety, and depression in ways pharmaceuticals have not been able to do so and in a safe and natural way. Indigenous people of almost every continent have respected many psychedelics and revered them as medicine for thousands of years. Who are we to argue with thousands of years of research.

Micro Dosing Mushrooms


Magic Mushrooms Make a Resurgence

“Magic Mushrooms” Make a Resurgence

Psychedelic drugs, such as “magic mushrooms”, which contain the chemical Psilocybin, are making a comeback on the party scene across the nation.  The substance is a hallucinogen and can cause a range of mind-altering, “trips” that young people are experimenting again with once more.

We are seeing people find legal ways to take shrooms and a push for them to become fully legal.  There are also pushes to make the much more powerful drug DMT legal.

In the 1960’s Mushrooms were first introduced to the party scene in Australia. As soon as they hit America, the mid-late 1960’s, era of the free love & peace hippie scene, they exploded.

Commonly referred to as:

  • Mushrooms
  • Magic mushrooms
  • Shrooms

How This Dangerous Drug is Found and Used

The chemical makeup of Psilocybin

The chemical makeup of Psilocybin

People will ingest the mushrooms by either eating them, cooking them into a tea, or even just putting them in other foods.  Unfortunately, there have been reported deaths due to people picking the “wrong” mushroom, thinking they were picking a culinary mushroom and ending up with a psychedelic. Often, the mushrooms picked straight from the ground even have maggots in them, thus they ingest maggots.  If people do not know what they are doing 100%, they should stick to “picking” their mushrooms up from the local grocery store, so they don’t end up on a “trip” instead of a topping for their steak.

How Risky Is It?

The use of “Magic Mushrooms” may have a reputation of not being as harmful as other psychedelic drugs, but many incidents of overdose and death have occurred.  When used often, or in high doses people can damage the developing brain, making this even more dangerous for teens and young adults. Addiction can take place.Psychedelics make a comeback

Users can suffer psychosis, excessive anger and the danger of taking extreme risks, while high on the Psilocybin found in Mushrooms.

Law Enforcement is Cracking Down

It seems if you ask law enforcement while there has not been a bigger crackdown on “Mushroom Picking” and usage, they will candidly tell you they have been dealing with so many other drugs that have been deemed riskier, or more abundant in the past. It is almost unheard of to hear of anyone having gone to jail for picking them in the past.  Let it be known, The active ingredient, Psilocybin, is illegal in all states and in the past it has often been punished with a fine. Drug & Alcohol rehab counselors, educators and law enforcement are now saying that the possibility of serving jail time should be stressed as well as the health concerns to discourage the use.

How To Find Help

If you yourself, or someone you know, has been abusing Mushrooms, you need to find a reputable rehabilitation facility that has experience in treating this type of drug abuse.   Each rehab will offer a variety of treatment programs.  You may choose inpatient or outpatient drug addiction counseling to help you learn to live and enjoy life without the use of mushrooms, and other psychedelic drugs like them.


Flakka Abuse

A Dangerous  Addiction

In just the past few years the streets of Florida and other southern states began seeing the impact of the inexpensive, explosion of Flakka on their streets, sending drug rehab facilities into high alert to educate themselves on the safe detox from the drug. The drug is manufactured primarily in India, China and Pakistan, and the United States is working diligently to circumvent the import of this dangerous substance.flakkaasst

Recently, across the U.S. cases of individuals testing positive for the active ingredient in Flakka, a stimulant developed in the 1960s called alpha-PVP, has shown a dramatic increase.  Today, alpha-PVP is manufactured in overseas pharmaceutical plants and shipped all over the world.

Why People Use Flakka

Availability appears to be the big draw.  It has been referred to as the “poor man’s meth”.  They also saw a large number of younger addicts abusing this substance, most likely due to the low cost and availability.  Flakka is cheaper than most street drugs, and has been sold under the illusion of “Bath Salts” in tobacco shops, and convenience stores. Now Flakka has moved to the street dealer.  Sometimes called “Gravel” and “Salt”, Flakka only became declared a controlled substance in January 2014, and that was only by emergency declaration from the Justice Department.  Each time a ban on a specific formula, the formula would be changed slightly, and repackaged.

Flakka is often ingested through snorting, smoking, or eating. However, it can also be ingested through “vaping” in an e-cigarette, so addicts can conveniently take it in public without anyone noticing until the crazy effects begin.

The bizarre behavior of the people using Flakka has caused First Responders, Police Officers’, and Substance Abuse Counselors to act swift in finding a response to this epidemic.  Drug treatment centers began to reach out into the streets to educate the young addicts of this dangerous chemical.

Signs of Flakka Use

Flakka is associated with cocaine-like changes in behavior. Behavior changes induced by Flakka use may include:

  • Extreme agitation.
  • Aberrant and ‘bizarre’ behavior.
  • Delirium or intense confusion.
  • Psychotic symptoms, delusions, and hallucination
  • Changes in heart rate.
  • Heart attack.
  • Cardiomyopathy (damage to heart muscle).
  • Death due to cardiac complications.

*Warning the video below may be disturbing to some individuals

Inpatient Drug Rehab is the Best Answer

The Flakka addict is like any other addict.  The first step would be detoxing in a qualified rehabilitation facility.  Quitting on their own, if they even attempt it, proves to be unsuccessful without the aid of rehab counselors facilitating a medical detox. A good follow up rehab program after detox is imperative for drug addicts, including Flakka addicts. Addiction specialist agree that inpatient drug rehabilitation is the best treatment option for these addicts.

 Long Term Effects of Flakka Use

Assuming the Flakka drug user survives the end result of his/her bizarre behavior while under the influence of the drug there, are lasting effects on the body.

The worst of the lingering after effects of the drug can be compared, in rare instances, to someone who runs a marathon, wherein muscle tissue starts to decompose and break down into the blood stream. That can lead to kidney failure and death.







Struggles in Recovery

Struggles in Recovery


Being successful in recovery can be very challenging and requires a ton of effort. Obviously, the most crucial step is ending the substance abuse itself, but that isn’t the end of the road. Recovery is lifelong and is a choice you will face every single day, which makes those recovering extremely vulnerable to relapse.


These are the top 5 struggles that recovering addicts face during their lifelong journey of recovery:


  1. Anger- Drug addiction changes the chemistry of your body and brain, and you may find yourself struggling with anger issues when recovering from addiction. In most cases, the anger is a normal part of life, but for recovering addicts, it can quickly lead to relapse.


  1. Sadness or Depression- Sadness is another normal emotion, but that may be made worse by those who are recovering from drug addiction. Because of the changes in the brain, it can take a long time after stopping drugs for your body to regain some balance in emotions. Those recovering must learn to manage these emotions and create a routine and healthy lifestyle.


  1. Being Around Drug Users- Often times those who are on the path to recovery find themselves wanting to spend time with the friends they had while on drugs. Usually, those people are also using drugs and this can be very dangerous. People want to fit in, they want to please, and they often give into temptation—and giving into that peer pressure can ruin some people’s chances at full recovery.


  1. Happiness- Negative emotions can easily trigger relapse to drug use, but so can happy or joyful emotions. Exciting events in life usually are cause for celebration—it’s hard to celebrate as the ‘new’ you when the ‘old’ you would have used drugs as celebration.


  1. Stress, Mistakes, and Boredom- Making mistakes, being stressful, having boring or dull days is a commonplace thing for everyone. But for those struggling through recovery, your mind might be quick to jump to the desire to take drugs again because you may think that will relieve your stress or boredom, or make you forget those mistakes.


All of these struggles are common, not only for everyone but especially for those who are recovering drug addicts. You must learn to understand who you are and how you feel, and learn to cope with those feelings. You have to strive to develop ways to do things without going back to using drugs.