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Opioid Epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic

The Opioid Epidemic has been one of the most destructive drug-related public health issues in America. Throughout the history of opioids, many different types of prescription drug abuse have been linked to an increase in the number of unintentional deaths from all sorts of drug-related causes, including prescription pain relievers, heroin, and prescription medications like OxyContin. More recently, however, the Opioid Epidemic has taken an entirely new turn with a much higher death rate than the previous surge, with abusers often using the drug in a more dangerous manner. This increases the need for treatment programs for those suffering from the addiction to opiates.

Why Does the Opioid Epidemic Exist?

For far too long this problem has gone unchecked, even as innocent people were dying every day from drugs such as OxyContin, Vicodin, and Percocet. In reality, the Opioid Epidemic can be reduced by taking a multi-pronged approach that tackles the core of the problem, which is undoubtedly drug addiction. 

The problem, rather, is that too many in society still refuse to acknowledge that drug addiction is a problem – it’s easy to see why, as the disease of addiction is seldom discussed in mainstream society, but it is a necessary component of any comprehensive solution.

How Do We Start Mending the Opioid Epidemic?

It isn’t sufficient to focus merely on the users of drugs. There are many family members and friends that have become addicted through generations of mixing alcohol and drugs with other substances. Some of these users may never have experienced opiate dependency at all, while others have experienced it numerous times. In each case, it’s important to find appropriate resources, both within the immediate community (friends and family) and within the wider drug rehab and recovery community, to address the problem of addiction.

Drug Addiction Recovery is Vital to Ending the Opioid Epidemic

Those that have already begun to partake in a recovery are vitally important as they can provide vital information about the success rates of various programs. Unfortunately, there has been a great deal of misinformation circulating about the numbers behind recovery facts which can make it difficult to determine if a program is actually effective or simply hyped to increase business. 

What is the Success Rate of Drug Addiction Recovery Centers?

There is a great deal of difference between a success rate and the success rate of a particular program. An accurate measure of a program’s success rate can be determined by looking at the success rates of those who have previously begun a rehab program, as well as the success rates of current participants.

There is one very important reason to consider a number of reasons for a success rate when evaluating a luxury drug rehab or treatment center, and that is cost. The higher the success rate of the treatment and the more affordable the cost of the treatment, the more likely the treatment is to be successful. Many clinics and hospitals will offer financial incentives to those who bring new patients in, whether they are on options or not. This is another key reason why people continue to seek out treatment even when they are on opiates.


The Opioid Epidemic and its relationship to the heroin abuse epidemic are unfortunate. The number of young adults starting to suffer with opioid addiction is truly alarming and the threat of addiction in our future is constantly looming. If you or someone you know is starting to suffer from opium addiction, it is important that you seek treatment immediately. There are many different paths to choose from when trying to combat an opioid addiction problem. Opioid rehabs can provide a life-long solution for those suffering from opiate addiction and should be considered for any situation where the symptoms of opioid addiction are causing problems in the user’s life or those of their friends and family. The sooner the problem is treated, the less of the chances for it to grow much worse.