mental health and addiction

Mental Health and Addiction

Mental Health & Addiction – Talking Mental

In my new book, Mental Health & Addiction – Talking Mental! I will share with you the mental health challenges that so many men face. Like women, men too experience stress, depression and anxiety. There are two types of men – one is the happy go lucky type, who thinks nothing of what others think, who believes that everything will be OK as long as he can get the woman he loves; and the other type of man is the kind who think his problems are the problem in the relationship he has with his girlfriend.

The Challenging First Step

The first step to improving your mental health and coping with your mental health issues is to find out what is causing them. Even thinking about the threat of addiction can be stressful. It could be anything from a traumatic experience to a diagnosis of a medical condition. If the issue is something you have been struggling with for some time, it may take some therapy or some time away from the situation to figure out what is causing you to have these thoughts.

For most men however, the cause is usually something that happened to them while they were young. Whether it was abuse, depression or excessive alcohol use, the trauma will bring on a host of feelings that are not pleasant and will manifest themselves in different ways for each man.

Mental Health Issues

Men who are dealing with mental health issues are going to need to talk with their girlfriend about their issues. Women are often much more understanding and can offer support that will help her man see that he is not alone. However, men will have to be equally open and honest with their girlfriends about their issues. It is never easy to talk about complicated issues like depression, drug addiction, eating disorders or insecurity. However, talking about these issues with your loved one will offer support and will give both you and your girlfriend some distance from the emotional ordeal that is affecting your relationship.

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Once you and your girlfriend have come to terms with the fact that you are dealing with an issue that effects both of you, it is time to try and find a way to move past it. One of the most common causes of these types of disorders in men is because they are depressed. If this is the case, then there are many things that a doctor can do to help. A psychologist or psychiatrist can make treatment sessions more manageable and allow you to work on clearing your mental health problems.

Support Groups

There are also support groups specifically for men dealing with issues of addiction. In some cases, alcohol or drug abuse has been brought on by other life circumstances. When you are diagnosed with a mental disorder and have challenges with addition, that is called dual diagnosis. If this is the case, then the support of your friends and family may be the best thing that you could do. You could attend a support group meeting of other men, learn more about how you feel about the situation and even to discuss what you have done to get to where you are today. This could be the first step toward getting you back on the right path.

Sometimes, there is no clear reason why a person becomes addicted to certain substances. This is a problem that has no simple answer, but there are many common threads that run through all of the cases that deal with mental health & addiction. For example, these illnesses are usually caused by depression or anxiety issues. People with this type of disorder are often also dealing with personal issues. This is why it is so important to work on having a positive outlook and developing a strong sense of self. If you can do that, then you will be well on your way to overcoming any addiction that you might have.