The Power Of Nature and DMT

For those of us who actually stop and smell the roses, nature is an incredible thing.

The variety of life that surrounds us on this rock hurtling through space is nothing

less than extraordinary. Many of us have experimented with nature’s little teachers

the magic mushroom. Well, nature has a more powerful compound that makes

mushrooms seem mild in comparison. That compound is DMT or N, N-

Dimethyltryptamine also known as The Spirit Molecule. In nature DMT is found in

just about everything you can think of. Mostly in super small amounts but the

substance is present. In fact, Terence McKenna stated every human walking the

planet is in possession of DMT.

DMT structure
Structure of the N,N-Dimethyltryptamine molecule.

Take A Little Trip To The DMT Realm


Many people use psychedelics to explore the mind and gain a different perspective

on life. For some it can be very introspective to learn about the self. But most of the

psychedelics people use today are rather long lasting. With mushrooms lasting

around 6 hours and a typical LSD trip lasting up to 12 hours. DMT can be a long

journey or a short trip depending on the method used to consume  the substance.

We will get to that in a minute.



Most of the psychedelics mentioned here are a type of tryptaine that works well

in our systems. For example, the active compound in mushrooms Psilocybin is 4

-PO-DMT. That is converted in the body to Psilocin or 4-HO-DMT. There are many

more analogues of DMT all of which have similar yet different effects. No matter

how you look at these compounds, good or bad, they do command respect. There

are other compounds different than DMT but we will save those for another time.


There are ways to extract DMT from a number of substances readily available

around the world. For safety and legal reasons details on the extraction process

will not be shared here at this time. Those who have experienced DMT say it is

incredible. Super strong visuals with geometric shapes engulfing reality. Some

have gone as far as saying that they met with other worldly entities as if being

pulled into another dimension of reality. The experience is strong enough for

some to quit daily habits such as smoking or even heroin use after one strong

DMT trip. More research should be done with this no question about it. Especially

since the compound has been shown to be safe physically.


To Indulge Or Not


Consumption of DTM happens in a few different ways. Oral ingestion,

vaporization, and intravenous injection are the most common ways of using DMT.

I would rather not discuss the intravenous use of anything outside of a hospital.

We will focus on the first two. When DTM is vaporized it produces a strong

psychedelic effect blasting the user off in a matter of seconds. One hit gets the

journey started with the next one or two hits blasting you off into another world.

Word on the street is 3 is the magic number for most. The journey only lasts

about 10 to 20 minutes when vaporized but the effects are intense. Commonly

known as the “Businessman’s Trip” because of the short duration and lack of a

comedown as with other hard drugs. Oral ingestion of DMT is quite a bit different.


In the rainforests of South America the shamans have been using DMT for

thousands of years in the form of Ayahuasca. To be orally active DMT requires an

MAOI to be mixed along in a brew. Without the MAOI orally DMT is not active and

would produce an upset stomach at best if ingested. Once the DMT and MAOI

brew is made the Ayahuasca journey can begin. In this form the trip is much

longer than vaporizing and lasting 12 hours or more depending on the

brewmaster. Although said to be not as intense visually for some, the longer

duration can be much more introspective. So much so that people often take

international trips and seek out shamans in the jungle to partake in Ayahuasca



Alex Grey art
Alex Grey is well known for his DMT inspired artwork.

The Ego


Many people often speak of breakthroughs and ego death when talking about

psychedelics. People have reported these events with the use of mushrooms and

LSD. But these events occurred with high doses of these substances which is more

than enough to get the desired effects. However, the same events have been

reported with much lower doses of DMT especially when vaporized. Not that

everyone is ready for such an event to occur. But there are those among us

known as psychonauts that actively seek the deep introspection. The process of

self examination from a different state of mind often leads to resolution of one’s

own issues. An enlightenment of one’s self if you will. If used properly

psychedelics can help someone to improve from the inside out rather than the

other way around. Mushrooms alone have been known to relieve depression in

low doses. It seems a safe natural alternative to the chemicals being forced on

society which we know nothing about the long term effects of.


The Future Is Now


With legal cannabis for recreational and medical use sweeping the country there

has been talk of a few states wanting to do studies on mushrooms. Both civilians

and veterans alike have benefited from legal cannabis. Ailments such as pain,

PTSD, nausea, and loss of appetite being only a few of the things cannabis has

helped. Many psychedelics have the same potential to help people. Things like

trauma and addiction have potential to be helped by psychedelics. More research

is needed and some states are stepping up. With my home state of Louisiana

being one of the latest to make medical cannabis legal, albeit in a limited form, it

is only a matter of time before more states follow. And not long after those states

will look to mushrooms and Ayahuasca and more as medicines just as our

ancestors have for thousands of years. This is especially more so as we get more

and more younger more open minded people into office. Why destroy our bodies

with man made compounds that harm our liver and kidneys when we have

natural substances that work better and are less harmful?



Don’t Be Surprised!


No matter where you stand on the subject of psychedelics this is certainly a topic

to pay attention to. Just as all the people you least expected were found in the

cannabis shop purchasing an eighth and some rosin to dab, we will see people

coming out in favor of psychedelics. Half the people reading this most likely read

it because it reminded them of their last trip in the 70s or 80s. It is ok to

reminisce. DMT is a powerful substance that should be respected and handled

with care. As is the case with all psychedelics and other substances. However, this

is a substance that has serious potential to change the world in a good way. To

experience something so profound is extremely humbling for almost everyone.

While the states start to do research on mushrooms and other psychedelics, do

your own research. There is much information out there on DMT and all the

variations it can be found in.