What You Should Do Before Starting Rehab

Recently, you’ve been on a downward spiral and you’ve started to wonder: Do I have an addiction? You know it’s time for rehab because your addiction has gotten out of hand and is destroying more than just your life. Rehab will give you the chance to heal physically and mentally, as well as detoxify from all those substances that have been slowly killing you. Before entering treatment, there are some important steps that need to be taken in preparation. 

Do Some Research On Addiction Treatment Centers Near You

Once you have located addiction treatment centers in your area, you should research each one. There are even luxury rehab centers that offer more luxurious options for your stay. This will help you decide which addiction rehab center is best for you and what addiction treatment center can provide the addiction help that’s needed.


Find Out What You Should Bring to Rehab

It’s important to know what clothing and personal items are necessary when choosing addiction rehabilitation. Knowing what to bring with you during addiction treatment helps make the process easier since those items from home might be difficult to obtain while trying to stay sober at an addiction treatment facility.


Set Up a Plan For Career & Personal Obligations

Although you might be reluctant to tell your employer about your rehab stay, good employers want you to be the best, healthiest, and happiest version of yourself, so let them know as soon as possible. The Family and Medical Leave Act gives you up to 12 weeks medical leave. This means that your job is protected while you are in rehabilitation.

Now is the best time to ensure that your personal obligations are taken care of if you’re not home. Consider asking your friends and family to care for your pets or children or looking into temporary care options while you are gone. This will make you feel at ease knowing that the someone you trust is taking care of them during your time away.


Ensure All Bills Will Be Taken Care Of While You Are in Rehab

You should sign up for automatic payments if you have bills to pay while you are away. It could also be a good idea to talk to someone you trust to ensure that your bills get paid. This will ensure that you can truly go through the rehabilitation process without having to worry about financial pressures when you return home.

You can also inform the courts, either through your lawyer or your correspondence, that you will be entering a rehabilitation facility if needed. This will let them know you may be out of reach for a substantial period of time.


Count Your Blessings

It may seem like you have a million things to do before you enter rehab; however, it’s important that you take the time to appreciate the people and things in your life. Your family and friends will inspire you to make the most of the treatment you will be receiving and reassure you of your decision to get help.

It may be necessary to reach out and tell them how much you care about them, and how grateful they are for you having them. Let them know exactly why you’re entering rehab, and the changes you expect to see in yourself when you return. This will hold you responsible for staying sober when you return.



It is a huge step to seek treatment for your mental health and addiction to drugs and alcohol. You are making the decision to live a better life and get better. Preparing for rehab is key to ensuring that you have the best possible experience. You will leave with the knowledge and tools to continue your recovery.